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If you are one more of the millions of women that are suffering for having small breasts, natural enhancement may change your life. If you have fallen breasts after breastfeeding, or if your breasts never developed as they should have, you know how harmful these conditions for self-esteem are. So far the only alternative was breast augmentation surgery which can be very dangerous as well as expensive. Push up bras and implants that are placed on the bras are uncomfortable and are not a true part of you.

Breast Actives

Psychological effects of breast size

A small breast size can be a real problem for millions of women around the world. Several studies have demonstrated the importance of breast size for a woman and how traumatic it can be to have too small compared to the average. Common reactions among people who suffer from this problem is the loss of self esteem and confidence, low morale, fear of embarrassment, difficulty interacting with people and an obvious inability to enjoy sex.

Is psychologically stressful for a woman feel like her friends, colleagues or relatives have larger breasts and bulky, coupled with the shame many feel the change in a locker room, doctor or a sexual relationship with a man. They have made many scientific studies showing that a large number of women who tend to suffer from painful psychological effects caused precisely by the size of their breasts.

Any woman can be very sensitive to social expectations that he thinks will cause "have a small chest". When a woman feels inferior for having one breast smaller than the average, she will likely experience a loss of self-esteem. The worst thing is that many of these cases is not ashamed of nothing and nobody will laugh or discuss anything about it going to be a real psychological problem of the individual.

While breast size affects people very differently, there are certain emotional reactions that recur in women who are embarrassed by the size of your chest.

Another common concern among women who have small breasts is that this could directly affect their self-esteem, and unfortunately, studies have shown that a certain concern that affects thousands of women around the world.

The loss of self-esteem can be a trigger for other concerns in people's daily life. Low self-esteem, although it might seem strange could cause a feeling of loss of authority or power in other aspects of daily interaction with others.

What do men think about breast size?

No one is aware that the size of the breasts is one of the greatest aesthetic concerns of women of our time, but we do not just us and you, but it is one of the most frequent topics of conversation at meetings and cliques of men from around the world. It goes without saying that men prefer on a first contact for women with large breast size, firm and well placed about sagging breasts and flabby.

There are several reasons why men prefer women with large breast size, nice and large, however the main one is that men become aroused and enjoy sex more.

Of course this does not mean that women with small breast size cannot make your partner enjoy sex more intimate. What is undeniable is that if a man could choose between two women equal choose the size that had the bigger chest. Remember also that women with large breasts, and well have more confidence in themselves and usually get better meet their respective partners. The chest is a factor determining visual attractions in the beginning of a relationship!

As it is not the same being pretty or ugly, tall or thin, strong or weak, neither is staying naked in front of a man with a big chest, solid and well placed or with a small and flaccid breast. In all we would go to the pool in a bikini or wear that dress impressive how well we would get larger breasts, as well as visual effect much more pleasant and attractive to be in some cases to cause a greater arousal in men.

What to expect when you take Breast Actives

  • Week 1-6:
    Your breasts will slowly begin to feel more firm, fuller and even a little bit 'tingly' as the breast enhancer Breast Actives begins to work;
  • Week 7-12:
    By now, You will clearly experience an overall increase in size and firmness. Your breasts will also feel heavier, more appealing and more curvaceous.
  • Week 13-24:
    Breast enlargement thanks to Breast Actives will have taken place and in numerous cases you will need to go buy a bigger bra. Your breasts will be firm and full. You will most likely feel completely different in your own clothes and you will need to buy new ones to accentuate even more your new breast shape.
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