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About your privacy

The website Breast-actives.org uses cookies to collect some of your personal information. We will not find anything about your internet behavior, but we will merely recognize you as a number. We gather some of your personal data – name, address, IP address, E-mail, or telephone number. You must first divulge it to us through the contact form.

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Do you agree to our policy?

The purpose why we collect your information is to ensure better services and a user-friendly experience to our customers. We statistically analyze the activity, including the website from where you arrived on Breast-actives.org. This way, we will learn how to provide you more relevant advertisements and content.

You can review the cookie settings and delete the information that you already transmitted. Please remember that several services can be used only if you accept the cookie policy. Then, we will send you relevant offers and special discounts to the product promoted on the site.

The privacy policy can be edited or updated at any moment. Many of the modifications will be performed without prior notice. If you want to learn what’s new about our cookie policy, please review this page again before browsing on Breast-actives.org.

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