Product quality Breast Actives

Breast Actives in the quality of our product is our main goal. All unprocessed materials used in Breast Actives products must pass tests of stringent security control before being used to produce herbal dietary supplements safe and effective. In addition to selecting the best possible suppliers and herbs, all our stock must pass an internal inspection before they form part of a supplement.

All staff are required to follow explicit written protocols that are strictly enforced throughout the manufacturing process. All raw materials used in Breast Actives supplements are tested to verify its purity before use. Monitoring during the quality control process is in the foreground, the quality control engineers reject any product at any stage of the manufacturing process if it meets strict quality standards.

All steps during the manufacturing process are documented and reviewed by quality control specialist. The Agriculture Department revised the cleaning and maintenance of manufacturing equipment to ensure that all our products are completely free of any contamination. Production records associated with each unit of product are stored for two years after the expiration date, including records associated with the units of unprocessed materials.

Each product offered by Breast Actives is accompanied by a product analysis that includes information and lot number for ingredients used, as well as a list of herbal supplement components and production methods.

Breast Actives trusts only the most reputable wholesalers who supply the ingredients and materials that form our supplements. The wholesalers must provide a certificate of analysis for each material and all unprocessed materials are analyzed by our internal quality assurance, meaning that every ingredient used is authentic and pure.

Which is the perfect breast?

It is commonly regarded as perfect breast the one that is firm, full, half pulling a large volume, with smooth skin, nice and smooth. The nipple areola should have a diameter of three to five centimeters.

It is very normal that there are differences between the two breasts of women, so much so that in seven out of ten cases the right breast is smaller than the left, although this difference is not usually visible. In the event that there is a significant difference between the sizes of their breasts should have patience because it will tend to equalize over the years.

Among the most influential factors in female breast size can include:

  1. GENETIC FACTORS: One of the most important factors of breast size in women. Normally a girl's breasts will be similar to those of his mother, which may mean that the heir. This means that if a mother has small breasts is likely that your daughter also has them.
  2. THE PASS OF TIME: the inevitable passage of time will make the breasts tend to fall by force of gravity. These will progressively lose strength with the passing of the years, proving very influential aspects such as good nutrition, the fastener or a balanced life. But nothing can prevent a woman's breasts will fall and deteriorate with age, although if you can slow down and make it less visible with tricks and products for this purpose.
  3. PREGNANCY AND LACTATION: during pregnancy and lactation the breasts will undergo several abrupt changes in size. The most traumatic for a woman is that many of these changes experienced can become permanent; although these changes are shown during the first months of pregnancy significantly increased the size of the breasts.
  4. DISEASES: some diseases can affect the chest directly, but the most common is breast cancer that can cause changes in the size and shape of these.
  5. SURGE LOSS AND WEIGHT LOSS: breast enhancement or loss suddenly or at relatively short intervals of time may affect the strength of the same, causing the appearance of stretch marks. The advantage of this is usually reversible and can return to their previous state.
  6. INCORRECT POSITION OF THE SHOULDER AND BACK: a position or the wrong position can cause the breast tends to hang up and fall. It is also causing sagging bellies of many women.

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